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  • Doey’s Pew Clips are perfect for historic wooden church pews

    October 13th, 2014 CW-Administrator | No Comments »

    Doey's Pew Clips are perfect for historic wooden church pews

    Testimonial shared by a Mother of the Bride: “This is a photo of your Doey’s Pew Clips, used for the flowers at our daughter’s wedding on Saturday. They were firm when clipped on and did not damage the pews. This historic church dates from Norman times (1100) though in those days there would not have been pews, everyone would have stood at the services.”

    Regards, Helen

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    My pals at @aeolidia are having a #shopify setup party!

    September 28th, 2014 CW-Administrator | No Comments »

    My pals at @aeolidia are having a #shopify setup party, and you’re invited! http://aeolidia.com/best-ecommerce-platform. It’s been my dream to have Arianne Folks and her team create a store on shopify for several years now and I’m saving my pennies to make it happen.

    They are amazingly talented and creative and best of all when you find a team you know you can trust to do their best that’s really all that matters.

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    Tea Party Idea for a Mother and Daughter garden party

    July 16th, 2014 CW-Administrator | No Comments »

    Extra special mother daughter tea party tea cup cupcake wraps and tea party decorations. Diy kit by Cathyswraps

    Sister’s Laura and Alisa sent this picture of a beautiful garden table setting they created for a mother daughter tea party. I hope it provides inspiration for your next tea party. Laura writes, Thank you so much for the tea cup wraps. They made our mother/daughter tea party extra special!” Photo by Alisa Duenas Photography.

    These tea cups are a fun diy project. It requires bending the scallop feet and giving the tea cup handles a little curl before attaching with a spot of hot glue. I like to mix and match the patterns and colors for a whimsical touch.

    My special grease proof paper may be wiped clean and used again. If you have children, add a baking liner to fill with small treats (mine like mini marshmallows) for “pretend” tea parties.

    Enjoy! Cathy


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    Easy affordable tissue paper flower pom pew decorations

    December 3rd, 2013 CW-Administrator | No Comments »

    Insanely easy tissue paper flower pom pew decorations! One of the easiest ways to affix big beautiful tissue paper flower pom poms to flat panel church pews is with Doey’s Church Pew Clip. Doey’s sturdy pew clip is more affordable than ribbon and allows your tissue paper flowers to be visible for guests to enjoy as well.

    Tissue paper flower pom poms hang from church pews with Doey's Church Pew Clip This sturdy flexible church pew clip is a favorite of churches and florists.

    How to secure tissue paper flower pom pew decorations

    Things you’ll need:
    One 12″ and one 8″ tissue paper flower poms (purchased or homemade)
    2 Rubber bands
    Doey’s sturdy plastic Pew Clip

    Step 1: Fluff your flower poms and attach each pom to Doey’s pew clip with a rubber band placing the larger pom towards the center aisle. If using ready-made flower poms, replace metal closures with the loosely wound rubber band to avoid scratching the pews.

    Step 2: Stretch the pew clip over your church pew and voila big beautiful pew decorations!

    • Add color with a dusting of DeignMaster Color Spray Paints
    • Hot glue LED tea light Candles into the center to add twinkling light for evening weddings.
    • Post-ceremony, reuse your pew decorations – attaching them to tables, doors, railings and reception table chairs as supplemental reception decorations and pops of color.

    How to make tissue paper flower pom pew decorations

    Chesna sent this beautiful picture of her flower pom. She made the pom pom using 2 ready-made tissue paper flowers purchased from an esty shop and simply attached them to Doey’s pew clip with rubber bands. Congratulations Chesna, I knew you could do it!

    Beautiful Tissue Paper Fower Pomssecure to chairs and church pe


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    Lavender chevron baby shower centerpiece!

    November 27th, 2013 CW-Administrator | No Comments »

    Carolyn made this pretty practical centerpiece for her daughters baby shower. Such a cute idea and I loved learning how her daughter reused them in the nursery.

    “Hi Cathy.  I just wanted to tell you that I received the lavender chevron pots and I LOVE them.  I made the first arrangement last night and it is really cute. They are just what I was looking for! Also, LOVE the flower toppers with Alaina on them. Those are so perfect and added just an extra touch to the arrangement. I am SO pleased with my purchase.

    Post baby shower . . . We had my daughter’s Baby “Sprinkle” this weekend. It was wonderful and she loved my baby bouquets. I do not have a crafty bone in my body so I am pretty proud of these.

    I made them with onesies, wash cloths and socks. The socks were the hardest ones to make.  She has already torn them apart as she wanted the clothes and stuff.  However, she will keep one of the pots for pacifiers and she wants me to make a little flower arrangement in the big one.  No idea how that will turn out!  So, they will get good use in the nursery.

    Thanks again, the pots were perfect!”

    This new large Chevron Pattern vase is available in a variety of colors in my etsy shop.

    baby shower centerpiece cathyswraps lavender chevron flower pot made with onesies, socks and wash cloths

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    DIY Project: Custom Flower Pots

    October 29th, 2013 CW-Administrator | No Comments »

    This next project is SO versatile and forever elegant. I love that you can really put your own style stamp on this one! Abbie Larson

    Make a DIY Custom Flower Pot with ~ CathysWraps ~  plastic pot & decorative sleeve combo. CathysWraps Flower pots adapts to hang flowers from church pews with Doey’s pew clip or from chairs with a ribbon. . . .

    Read how to make this Custom Flower Pot on Style Me Pretty: The Ultimate Wedding Blog

    DIY Project Custom Flower Pots Style Me Pretty: The Ultimate Wedding Blog


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    Order a sample vase or pew clip to test on your church pew, chair back or shepherd hook.

    July 9th, 2013 CW-Administrator | No Comments »

    If you’re unsure if our Cathyswraps Vase or Doey’s Pew Clip will fit your church pew, whether the size or color are just right, I encourage you to order a sample and test it out. Michell did this for her daughter and it took the stress out of the decision making process. She wrote to share how she used a sample vase to help her daughter choose her wedding aisle flower decorations – it was stress free and fun!

    “Cathy, We loved the sample vase I ordered the other day. Thanks for your note with the instructions and the quick shipping. I just ordered 24 of your vases for my daughter’s wedding.  I cut some roses, put them in the vase and hung it from the shepherd’s hook. My daughter came over to compare the two different options container options I had for her to choose from and she loved yours best. They are so easy and cute! What a great idea this is. Thanks. Michell Davidson”

    Select a church pew clip or flower pot / vase style that suits your wedding aisle style below:

    Doey’s Pew Clip: Perfect for ribbons and bows, mason jars (instructions included), and tissue paper flowers or lanterns for Church Weddings.

    Doey's pew clip makes attaching pew bows, mason jars and vases simple. The pew clip expands to fit over standard 2 inch pews. Simply wire a premade bow or attach a diy mason jar to the clip and it is ready to be affixed to your pew. Clip measures 3" Tall and fits pews up to 2" wide.

    Cathyswraps Vase: The vase is punched to adapt to hang with your favorite ribbon or wire from chair backs, shepherds hooks and extra wide church pews. The flat bottom watertight vases double as reception table decorations.

    CathysWraps flower vases decorate wedding aisles & double as reception centerpieces and favors!

    Cathyswraps Vase + Doey’s Pew Clip: Best for standard 2 inch wide Church Pews. The flat bottom watertight vases double as reception table decorations.

    Secure cathyswraps vases to church pew with Doey's pew clip

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    Tissue paper flowers & tea light pew decoration

    May 24th, 2013 CW-Administrator | No Comments »

    What do you think of my new church pew decoration idea? I was feeling creative and whipped up this tissue paper flower and added a twinkling light. It was super easy, would you like to learn how to make this?

    Pew decorations of white tissue paper flowers and a tea light secured to church pew with Doey's church pew clip.

    Pew decorations of white tissue paper flowers and a tea light secured to church pew with Doey’s church pew clip.

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    Bridal shower centerpiece idea

    February 7th, 2013 CW-Administrator | No Comments »

    Take a peek at our cute bridal shower centerpieces & tea cup wraps!

    Emily made these fun bridal shower centerpieces using silk flowers. To add a personal touch she tucked in coordinating custom flower toppers with the bride and grooms initials.

    How to replicate the look: The flowers were arranged in our original cathyswraps plastic pots and color coordinated sleeves. The brides colors were pink and green, so, Emily choose a mix of the pink polka dot and damask and pink & green polka dot decorative sleeves. She found silk flowers at Hobby Lobby and arranged them in ‘dry’ floral foam trimmed to fit our pots. The bride received a keepsake arrangement and the others will be used again for future events. Since her theme was a tea party she dressed home baked cupcakes in our mix & match cupcake wraps adding an optional diy tea cup handle with hot glue to make tea cup cupcakes!

    It was fun to help Emily on create this custom bridal shower! She writes, “I want to thank you for the adorable wraps, sticks and cupcake picks! They turned out great and the shower was such fun!” Emily

    Thanks for sharing Emily, I’m sure Erin loved your thoughtfulness!

    bridal shower centerpiece ideas

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    Wedding Aisle to Reception Decorations

    October 29th, 2012 CW-Administrator | No Comments »

    Here’s an example of how Sharon used cathyswraps vases as Wedding Aisle to Reception Decorations. “My niece wanted a vineyard wedding with shepherd hooks along the aisle, so I started looking. I’m so glad I found your website because it was the absolute best we had seen within ‘my’ budget.

    CathysWraps flower vases & affordable centerpieces

    I added the ribbons and the florist at The Flower Shop at 8536 Madison Ave, Fair Oaks, CA 95628 came up with the flowers. We wanted something red and not too airy, so these turned out perfect.

    CathysWraps flower vases for bridal and baby shower decoration a

    We loved the ‘Wedding Aisle to Reception’ concept and took them inside and set them around the bridal table after the ceremony. The bridal table was quite elegant and they added the extra color we needed around the edges. We had one long table and two round ones at the ends of it and I put all of these 10 arrangements on the outside of the circular rounds.

    They are so easy and lovely. I will always recommend your site to anyone that is a bit creative and wants a lovely unique pot.

    You are so kind and give a personal approach….”
    Hugs, Sharon


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